Our management team at Cabada Media, LLC is fully dedicated to fostering an environment of collaboration where some of the brightest self-starters are combining to create the tools and resources for the businesses of all sizes to flourish from now and into the foreseeable future. Here is a quick glance at the people who are at the heart of Cabada Media:

Chief Executive Officer/Founder
The founder of Cabada Media, LLC, Kevin started the company with the idea of providing new, practical, robust and innovative solutions designed to help companies meet and surpass their stated business objectives. Kevin oversees the daily operations from everything from finances to business expansion all the way to content development.

Wey Lima
Senior Programmer
As Senior Programmer at Cabada Media, LLC, Wey is an expert programmer with a heavy interest developing applications and immersing himself in the latest most promising web technologies.

Director of Sales & Operations
Scott cultivates and fosters new and existing client relationships and acts as a conduit between clients business goals and execution of strategy towards said goals by shaping and creating solutions to client's business challenges.

Bo Kaier
Web Designer/Developer
Bo is an expert web designer and developer who has worked with some of the most well-known and respected online brands over the past decade. In his spare time, Bo is continuing to pursue his interests as a top shelf pixel-pusher and part-time art director.

Content Development
Responsible for all of the written content found on Cabada Media products and websites, Jeff is an expert in descriptive writing which allows for full, rich and extremely unique content throughout a broad spectrum of mediums.

Julian Salinas
Sales & Partnership Management
The leader of the sales and partnership department, Julian is the point man when it comes to reaching out to new prospective partners and/or clients, as well as oversees the development of existing relationships with clients and vendors to insure smooth communicative and collaborative cooperation between Cabada Media and our client's

Company Culture

Populated by some of the best and brightest young minds in the industry, Cabada Media is an incredibly dynamic, high-paced collaborative company, which places as much demand on working hard as playing hard. Cabada Media prides itself on providing an energetic environment where questioning the status quo is not only expected but encouraged and and environment where laughing, smiling and looking forward to coming into work every day is fostered with ease.

With new technologies and platforms springing up on a seemingly everyday basis, we at Cabada Media are not only on top of these emerging fields and technologies, but we love what we are doing as well! We recognize that the quickly changing technologies and marketing strategies that lead to revenue and visibility are big and complex beasts. It doesn't bother us one bit, as we signed on by choice to solve these problems and create answers and solutions for our clients. It's just what we do, it's just what we love.